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Joseph on July 5th (10.5 weeks)

He is such a happy kid! Last night we did fireworks and yet, this morning he was the happiest I’ve seen him. He fed at the beginning of the show (just before and for 5 min in) and then he watched the rest, eyes wide open, totally silent (though I did see him smiling at some points). It was an amazing show – I couldn’t stop saying WOW.

Last week was “leg week” – all he worked on was kicking his legs. Very excited about that. Tummy time was leg-focused as well. Just Saturday or Sunday he started noticing the texture of things. He is now starting to be able to hold things with his hands…the blanket, his toy…

Yesterday we went into the yard in the shade and had naked time on the blanket. He seemed to like it.

On the T home last night (11:15 PM!) he spent a while smiling at Nick, over and over again. It was the longest he’d ever smiled continuously, and they were really big smiles. And then, tired from the effort, he conked out for the rest of the journey.

He thinks the sound of crunching chips in really funny, though he’s not laughing per se yet. He HATES being sat up to burp when he’s sleepy and eating.

He has a little flat spot at the top of his right ear that is still left over from being squooshed at birth. It is so sweet that it is still there even now.

We came up with a song that he LOVES – to the tune of Battle Hymn of the Republic:

“You really love your pants ‘cos they make you want to dance x 3” (while I march his legs back and forth)
They just make you wanna go PFFFFT (zerbert on belly)
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