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It has been pointed out that I have not updated in a while!
I haven't even checked my LJ recently, but yes that is true.

Since then, water has been a focus -
Floods of mid-March, when we all depended on the kindness of neighbors and watched crazy things like The Minuteman Rapids. Crossing the basement for a drink of water to then find a heck of a lot more than a drink's worth, and suddenly!
Trip to Tucson, where there was (for them) a lot of water which meant we got to see unprecedented desert wildflowers and got to ford a rushing wash on our way to or from mountain biking at the 50 year trail. It was a stellar vacation, full of birds, bikes, and plants - just as we'd hoped.
Floods part two, no joke, we had one nice day when we got home and then the floods came back. We were MUCH more prepared which is good because the water was fierce!
And now, we just finished three days of the boil-water order. Not too bad, really - I hope everyone is appreciating their water authority. Clean water is an amazing resource and so many people don't have access.

In other news - I have myself some weird back problems. They are preventing me from riding the road bike, which is fine because I really enjoy riding Tugboat, my commuter, and also getting out and mountain biking. I had briefly planned on doing a half-Aquaman (1.2 mi swimming and 56? mi on the bike) but I am having back issues with swimming as well - I'm trying to get lessons to do a new stroke but teachers seem to be a bit flaky, boo.

Oh and Hobnob had a cheek abcess and after many vet visits, we went to Angell and they diagnosed and fixed it. He had a shaved cheek and whiskers but was very happy. Now, you'd never know except that he is easier to pick up (he had twice-daily antibiotics - via mouth - for 20+ days) and he is a little bit more alpha to Jaffa.

Okay, I'm very thirsty but there you have it.
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