obie119 (obie119) wrote,

Don't need a groundhog to know which way the wind blows...

Tuesday was groundhog day, but the bigger sign of seasonal change happened a little later - on my way to work, I heard drumming! (not a drum circle, though I suppose that would REALLY be a sign of spring) Two little Downy Woodpeckers were doing their drumming clearly they are getting ready for spring! Later that night I saw a brazen skunk crossing Hampshire Street in Cambridge - February is mating season for skunks - and heard my first-ever bikepath Screech Owl hoot. Very exciting, and also pretty eerie sounding.

Today I had to be in Boston for the morning; on the ride back there was an enormous headwind. But then something funny happened. I was riding up Hampshire Street and pulled up to a stoplight. There was one car in front of me, and two cars waiting in the other direction. But then, life hit a giant MUTE button. In the midst of Cambridge, I found myself in a one-minute oasis of pure quiet. No planes, no car noise, no cross-traffic, no nothing. Just a breeze near the end to keep me from believing that I'd suddenly gone deaf.

Then the light turned green again and life returned to normal. But what a gift - even out camping in the country, real silence is rare.

We have our Khoury's (now Casey's but I still think of it as Khoury's) 15th anniversary run tonight. I remember the 5th anniversary easily - it fell during the Chinese New Year and I made a flyer with a dragon on it for Year of the Dragon (very lucky) and bought a bunch of New Year candy in Chinatown. It was pretty low-key - I think the birthday suit deal didn't start until the following year but I could be mistaken. It is very exciting to be part of a tradition that is really feeling like a fixture. I mean, 15 years is no small potatoes.
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