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As usual I'm in between events again. One yesterday, big one on Friday. The latest stress is that it may snow on Friday. Ooops! So we may have to change our last-minute marketing to stress the "warm and cozy" factor. It actually seems like the perfect antidote to being cold - come inside and eat and dance and enjoy great music - I am looking forward to it even though tracking down the final silent auction prizes is a beast!

Anyway: Providence. There was good and there was bad!

I loooved the course, especially the Sidewinder-style "spaghetti bowl" where momentum took you flying up and down the course. I especially figured this was a space where comfort with the technical stuff would help, and that seemed the case. Unexpectedly, the start of the race was like this as well - on the preloop, it hadn't seemed technical at all but with 57 women all trying to ride it at once...well, that changes things! So I went from the last row at the start to about halfway up when we got to the grass, and passed a bunch of people in course of various falls, flats, and who knows what else. The race could have ended there, right? Anyway, the whole first lap went pretty well,, actually I don't remember when/where it was that my chain fell off for the first of three times!

Yup, three times - after two years without chain drops, now it's happening all the time :( So I am working on getting a doohickey this week that was recommended by my buddy Chris Iglehart (I figure he should know!!) Anyway, each time my chain fell off, 3 people passed me. On the bright side, I was psyched that I'd been in front of them in the first place. On the booo side, now they were ahead of me! It was hard not to feel totally deflated by this stuff turning my race from *best ever!!* to just okay. Still, I'd wanted to beat 10 people and I beat 8 finishers (and 13 didn't finish, so if you listed me as 36th out of 57 starters that sounds even better). So now I have specific stuff to work on:

*remember to push on the pavement sections. I mentally take offense to pavement in cross, and that's where people pass me. I should fix Oxo so I can get into the big ring, and use it, and stop being annoyed at non-dirt!
*don't give up when passed. Bleah!
*switch back to my argyle socks. My red stripe / blue stripe combination was not as fun, and a complete stranger came up to me at the start to bemoan the lack of argyle! :)

The post-race was great - various friends had been cheering, and it was fun to catch up afterwards! And there was heckling. Oh yes, definitely. I should really doublecheck with Cute Rob (he seriously is just a cute guy) if he's okay with a bunch of girls chanting "go cute Rob!" as he rides by :) I'm married, he's married (I think!), it's all fun, and an appreciation of cuteness. My cx friend Christine was very excited by the cheering, there is great photographic evidence of us giving the lungs a workout after the race!

Okay more later. But the morning sports were definitely superior to the afternoon sports aka the Red Sox losing, heinously and curse-of-Bambino-style. Or would it be the "curse of Hendu throwing out the first pitch against the Angels?"
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