obie119 (obie119) wrote,

Now that's it's October, it's time to think about Halloween!

So I'm doing lots of online research about the Sesame Street martians. I found the following synopsis of one of the martian episodes, which cracks me up:

1985 — Ernie wakes up and is unable to find Bert. Ernie imagines that the Martians appeared in the middle of the night and asked Bert to join them in outer space. Bert then enters the room and informs Ernie that he was only in the kitchen making oatmeal. Bert leaves the room, and the Martians appear in exactly the way that Ernie had imagined. When Ernie yells to Bert asking what they should do about the visitors, Bert does not believe his story and replies, "Ask them if they want any oatmeal."

I am laughing because it sounds like just the sort of dream I would have - and of course I was thinking of that in my last entry. Which, frankly, I was sad that no one seems to find it as amusing as I did. Either that or everyone's backing away slowly :)

Anyway, all the Martian research is because I am working on a costume for the cross race that is on Halloween. There's a lot of barriers (hah!) to creating a costume for on-bike use, particularly one where you would get on and off the bike, and attempt to ride fast. From experience, I know that a witch hat slows you down more than believable, and a turkey costume gets stuck easily. So I have been designing something that hopefully won't get in the way, be terribly un-aero, or terribly hot. And a Sesame Street martian (aka "Yip Yip") it is.

This cracks me up because I was terrified of them as a little kid. My biggest fear was that they'd come to my house and tickle me - these were my earliest nightmares, long foreboding sequences in which things were....not quite right...ending in abject martian-caused terror :)

And yes, I could have been sprinting up Powderhouse Hill at lunch instead of riding to the craft store for materials...Pffft, I say! :)
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