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Everything we need

Back when I was doing a lot of bike touring, I really loved being out on the road with my panniers loaded. There was something great about being so self-contained, with everything I need right there with me.

We hadn't intended to have Joey sleep somewhere besides his crib - it hadn't really occurred to us one way or the other. But since his second night home, he's at least started out the night in bed with us (then I move him to his bassinet - also in our bedroom - so we all have more room to sleep). At night, I find myself having similar thoughts to those from bike touring: when it's Nick and Joey and I all sleeping or relaxing together in the bedroom, it is really all I need. What a great feeling.

He is smiling more every day, except when he's conked out like now of course. He had his first vax shots today at his 2-month appointment. He was FURIOUS - bright red face, and crying at a 7 (the highest) on the Wug Scale. I fed him immediately afterwards in the exam room, and he would pull off every so often just to remind us that he may be getting nice milk right now, but he is STILL not happy with us. Then I put him in the Bjorn and 5 minutes later he is out cold. He's still fast asleep, a few hours later. Maybe resting up for Game 7??
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