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6 weeks and a bit

A bit about Joey, just for my memories.
He is sound asleep in the Bjorn right now. Whatever he does, he does it with gusto. He is a champion sleeper and eater and is packing on the pounds like crazy. When he cries (which is really not so often) he really MEANS it. He is very dramatic about the crying. I have loosened up enough that it secretly makes me smile, even as I'm quickly trying to address whatever has him upset. He really puts some force into it.

Just after 5 weeks, he started smiling for real. We have some suspicion about an earlier instance, but it's so definitely the real deal now. Today I had my 6-week checkup at the midwife office. He had slept on the bus on the way there (and really, he'd been up and alert for long enough that it was time to sleep) but then woke up in order to spend my appointment in a bouncy chair, smiling and looking around. I never thought my heart would melt so many times a day at a baby - I am so not a baby person - but it is constant.

I took him to Foodmaster afterwards and he still stayed awake, and as Nick and I predicted, it was hard to get around for all the strangers saying hello and asking about him. A baby doesn't get much attention in too cool/too young Harvard Square, but he does in a townie hotspot...

He is currently going to sleep for the night between 9 and 11 PM. We don't have a real huge routine yet, but if he's alert I read a bit of Mother Goose. I sing three songs - "Dream a Little Dream" (Night Owls arrangement), "May You Always" (we sung this in 8th grade), and the Frost Valley goodnight song. Some nights we have multiple wugs as he falls asleep; others are easier. Last night he was lying still, facing me, and even in the darkness I could see his big eyes staying open for quite a while. They are like little buttons.

He falls asleep in our bed, and these days I am sneaking him into the bassinet for his first (and longest) stretch of sleep. The past few nights, it's been around 6 hours or so. He starts making coffee maker noises loud enough to hear through my earplugs, which is time for feeding. That's usually around 4 or so. The best is when he falls fast asleep after this feed. Then, one more feed around 2 hours later - at this time it's bright out but we manage to have a snuggle-sleep time on the bed for another hour or so depending on what the day's schedule is.

He is getting better with the car but truly prefers the bus. He's on it at least once every weekday and he's cried twice I think. The drivers on the 67 mostly recognise him now - it's a sleepy local bus except during rush hour so the drivers are cheerful and ask after him. I love that they mostly wait until I'm seated before pulling away.

It's a whole new world being immersed in the slower pace of newborn care. But not a bad one. For all the social life I'm on hold from, I am gaining a new one. With all the resources out here for new moms, I'm constantly meeting new people. Nick and I are appreciating Boston more - we're unofficially trying to introduce Joey to all our favorite places - and new ones we've always meant to visit - during the summer. I miss biking especially on a beautiful day like this (I am having some hip problems) but have been able to get out for very short rides and swims. 20 minutes feels like utter joy and release. It feels selfish to be so excited about the exercise except that when I return, I feel even more present and excited about Joey. So it is a win-win. And nice to have a midwife who could relate to exercising before the all-clear (though, with the hip issue, not the brightest thing to swim all-out, whoops).

Unexpectedly, we are eating really well. We are now keeping a food schedule so we can plan our meals better. Should have done this years ago! Nick is responsible for a few nights and is really enjoying cooking again (I had been a bit possessive over cooking, though he's a fantastic cook), and I am either heating up the stuff I premade (I went nuts and filled up two freezers with food, plus friends brought tons of stuff over) or making very simple meals. Now the farmers markets are open and we're a few days from our first harvest at home - scapes! - so things will be even more fun on the food front.

So in general, feeling very very lucky to have a wonderful, expressive, happy, mellow baby and a healthy-enough set o parents! And spring is ABSOLUTELY the time to give birth! We entered the hospital on April 19th and there were only hints of spring - when we left on the 25th, spring was bursting out all over. Amazing!
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