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I have neglected this LJ forever but wanted to mark the date - we are due with our kid on April 14th....which means our countdown has just hit single digits.
I had been nervous in so many ways about the discomfort of pregnancy - but have been lucky to have had an accomodating kid so far. I have introduced him/her already to biking, xc skiing, snowshoeing, skating, jogging, swimming, kayaking, Red Sox games, ice cream, and chocolate. These are a good introduction to the best things in life! I especially tried to acclimate the kid to nice cold weather. If we are going to live in New England, it makes more sense to enjoy the long winter than to curse it.

I am glad gestation is a long period in humans, because there's a lot to get my head around. People ask if I'm ready, and I guess the answer is yes and no. I don't know if there is a "ready", and I certainly have no prior experience with infants. But we're excited, and prepared for the rollercoaster to do its definitely does feel a bit like those moments where you're inching up the first big hill - looking around, seeing a view that would otherwise be peaceful, feeling each moment vividly, but knowing so well that chaos is about to ensue!
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