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Everybody wang chung tonight

It has been forever since I updated here! Lots of ruminating on a new year and a new decade. Didn't get to do that last time around, I think, because the YEAR 2000 was just so big and crazy that "the 90s" didn't even factor into thought. But wow, back then I was just finishing up being 23, which was a total blast in retrospect - truthfully, I think I even enjoyed the drama while it was happening. I was really just so, so happy to not be in school anymore. Even working a desk job in the summers wasn't so bad, what with the freedom of earning my own keep, not having papers to write, no artificial world where everyone is aged 18-22 (okay, postcollegiate Boston isn't that far off, really)....and of course I was still thrilled to not be dating someone completely unsuited.

A lot has happened in the decade - I still haven't decided in retrospect whether I'd assumed I'd be married by 2010. I know I always pictured marrying late as it would take a while to find someone. On the other hand, I remember Carolyn once saying that she always thought I'd meet someone and that would be that. So she was right, and so deliciously too. I have enjoyed growing up with Nick ever since '02. I think the biggest mental shakeup was halfway through, in 2005, when so many friends moved away - the cautionary tale of living in a transitional city - I think it was maybe 10-12 people in six months. We had to re-learn how to get out there and meet people. Over the past few years that's really solidified into a great, active group of friends. I am really thankful.

Of course we've had multiple health issues to deal with, regarding Nick's back. On the thankful side, though, we have been lucky to enjoy good health with the rest of our family for the most part. And we have a joy of birding thanks to Nick's recovery, when we needed to be outside but he couldn't move well.

2009 has been a fun year. No big changes - same job, same volunteer gigs, same husband (phew!), someone nice winning the World Series, no big injuries, still suck at cyclocross - but I did further discover how much I enjoy mtn biking. We did get two wonderful nephews thanks to our siblings who are much more on-the-ball about procreating. No dramatic long vacations, though we stopped over in Iceland on the way back from Nick's parents' ruby wedding, and we had a perfect-weather week in northern New England. Hey, that perfect weather was a BIG DEAL after our rainy summer! Almost no swimming happened due to all the cold and rain. The garden was defined by kale and garlic - the tomatoes blighted and I was slow on digging the potatoes; the broccoli didn't head up but we were pulling off yummy florets into December. I am still wondering why there are no records of Ancient Kale Rituals praising the bounty of kale. Six little seeds produced more than we could ever eat from late May to mid-December. Wow!

And gerbils of course - Jaffa and HobNob are our two adorable squeakies.
Okay, I'm going to shut up now. Wishing everyone peace, health, and happiness in 2010!
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