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Obrigado to kale

In our garden, kale is our zucchini, that vegetable that causes you to plot about leaving "gifts" for people. There's that saying that people in Minnesota only lock their doors in August because that's when people might otherwise gift them some zucchini.

I was thinking about this because it was gross out last night and I stayed in to make kale soup. While I was packing it up, I saw from one of my food labels that we've been harvesting our kale since May 31st. Our kale plants are still going strong; they are enormous and gorgeous and (this morning) hearty even with a bit of snow on top.

I never thought I'd like kale soup, and maybe like is too strong a word, but I do eat it for breakfast every day if I'm not having oatmeal. Last night I made it non-vegan for the first time, starting it out with a little bacon. To be honest, it doesn't taste that different - the mix of spices I use is so close to imitation bacon (paprika, garlic powder, salt, and a few other things) that it's not needed.

Two nights ago, we had a sudden wondering as to whether it was bad for onions to be exposed to a hard frost - so I went out in my pajamas at 11:30 to pull them up, and discovered that most of them were leeks! Well, that is just great! I went to bed telling Nick about a potato and leek gratin pizza I will make as soon as I get the chance :)

Last night I also pulled out the forgotten lettuce, maybe enough for one 2-person salad. We have no lettuce skills. So that's it for our harvest, except for one last cabbage and the indestructable kale, and our broccoli which is flowering itself into eternity.
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