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Dreams, they complicate my life...

Okay, so I was on a cross ride with some of the girls tonight, and dreams came up. See, I've been keeping a very loose dream journal since June, after an interesting conversation with Jenn C.

I thought it would be interesting to recap a few short phrases from the notebook, because they are cracking me up, and randomness (and a view into my psyche) should be shared. So here's some highlights. Some of these I barely remember (I am at various states of consciousness when I write stuff down) All are from different dreams - parantheses are clarifications

I have four kids, name Amelia, Prime, Blueberry, and Kevin (this was the dream that started it off)
Jeff Van Gundy is head astronaut (former Knicks coach, I think)
Cotton Mather!!! (I have no idea)
Boat entry tickets available but there is poison ivy on them! (um, of couse!)
Montana takes two days to hike across
They (a hip artsy SF boutique) have a poison oak bouquet with one spring of poison ivy, and a dried berry arrangement that was poison ivy berries!
Side dream that had lots of GERBILS. Lots of different gerbils, a cheerful hamster, and a rat covered in pee!
There were neck guards but they were for all-star catchers
At some sort of fairgrounds, Ellie Gordon gives us another gerbil
Strange cyclocross race with no bikes in an old mansion vs. Paul Stone (6th grade crush)
I'm supposed to get to STL for a Sox game but STL is 4 hours away! (the inaccuracy - barring interleague play - of this dream is killing me!)
Hummingbirds flying in formation, like cars at Dodger Stadium (this may have been after a hall of fame visit)
Colleen Herndon (friend from 4th grade) is a skunk, and sprays me
Having a baby is easy!
There is some bizarre movie everyone is watching where "number 6" is the killer
Every time you see a movie, someone cuts down a tree (!?!?!)
Carol (work friend) stayed at the bar for 12 hours and watched the Yankee game
Sing Monteverdi (renaissance music!) while looking at wall map of Canadian maritimes
I give the homeless people rainbow gloves in exchange.
Everyone has me read Chicago (the musical) because it's genius
Working at West Point graduation - official job is to hold a beef shank at the end of a row during processional
A Heath Ledger lookalike is advertising himself as a Vegisexual Recreationalist (??)

So there you go. I am not sure what to think, except that I am easily amused both in and out of consciousness :)
I do have boring dreams too, but they are always fun because I'm seeing colorful and exotic birds that do not exist in real life, or I am in some class and I have forgotten to attend all semester. The usual stuff.
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